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Long hồ Lê : Sao thấy a chưa nhấn nút solo line nào mà đèn tín hiệu master vẫn nháy vậy anh.
Nghệ Thuật Câu Cá - Fishing Art : Chào Anh, Cty của E cũng mua cái mixer này để họ hành, ca hát nhưng nút echo (nút màu tím tại vị trí Mic) nhưng không có tác dụng. A giúp E với . Cảm ơn A.
Kishore E : Pls do it in English
Kishore E : Pls do in english it's very urgent
Văn Vương Nguyễn : Bàn này giá bao nhiêu bác

Soundcraft FX16II

ZAZOU POZE : The subs are for grouping vocals, drums or all the guitars if you want to control them with just one fader instead of 6 or 7. As for monitor mixes, you can only do 3 separate mix plus one mix out of the monitor out which in my opinion not bad for a mixer this size. As for your situation, I think you'd want a mixer with at least 6 aux, but if you wanna use an effects unit, you gonna have to give up one. I think the Soundcraft GB2R16 would be a better choice for your situation.
ZAZOU POZE : Yes, you can only use one of the onboard effects at a time.
Man, if you can afford it, go with a studio live 16.0.2, I just purchase one, and I love it.
you got all the flexibilities you need, 2 fx, 4 aux, 8 or 12 mono channels, 4 stereo channels. All processing you need is done onboard, so you don't have to carry a big rig wherever you go. This thing is amazing. Say you don't have the full $1200 to pay, you can buy it from AMS and pay 5 or 8 easy payments. You'll love it, believe me.
ZAZOU POZE : @J2Drummer well, you need to turn the purple nob clockwise on all vocals, then master FX nop up, it's the purple nob on the far right above the sub faders. And then you need to turn the EFFECTS RETURNS nobs (RIGHT BELOW THE LEXICON MARKING) up and assign them to where you want the FX, main, subs, aux1/aux2. For aux3, the FX is already there, all you have to do is turn the purple nobs. Please let me know if this doesn't help, I will do a video on it. Thanks for watching.
ZAZOU POZE : Yes, it does, but there are some limitations. For instance, the sub outs are not independent of the main mix if grouping channels together. The only way they would be independent is if you're separating, let's say low frequency instruments like bass and kick, from the main mix, then you can use them independently. Some of the aux sends are pre fader, some are post fader, and one of them is switchable to pre or post. A better option would be the presonus sl16.0.2. watch the video i have on it.thx
RVA Live Sound : Nice, I will try to get to this one. My church gig might keep me close to home this time, but I will definitely come to one of your events. I gotta hear these babies for myself, pushed in their natural environment. The Makie tops we are using are not my favorites. Replacing them with the EVs, I'm hoping will be a dramatic improvement. I prefer using flat, passive speakers rather than the more EQ'ed and compressed, gated/overly processed sound of some active speaker systems.


This is a video on how to use the onboard effects on the soundcraft FX16ii mixer.
ZAZOU POZE : You need to select which mix you wanna monitor (2TRACK, MIX, SUB) these push buttons are right below the 2track level knob. plug in your monitors at the L/R monitor output in the back. You should select the "MIX" so you can hear the main mix, then boost up the Monitor knob to the level you want it, that should do the trick for you. Let me know if you still have trouble getting it to work.
Thanks for commenting.
ZAZOU POZE : well, you wanna turn the FX nod counter clockwise to remove the delay off the respective channel. As for the volume issue, I think you have you aux set for post fader, you should disengage the little push button right next to the aux nob. the up position is for pre fader which is what you want. Let me know if you need further assistance.
Thanks for commenting
Nithin Prem : Hi Zazou,
Amazing video. thanks for bringing it up here, very helpful.
I'm just learning how to operate this console. We use the same one in our church.
There r few questions.
1 Our church worship leaders doesn't want echo(delay) on d monitors.
2 to increase channel volume in aux 2 it doesn't increase until d white channel volume increased. there is more to ask u as mentioned im just learning how operate consoles as a ministry in church on d rest of the days i work in a call center.
Many thanks
Lucas Granito : thanks for the tutorial Zazou. I have a version 1. Could you explain how the sub mix works? I find it very confusing.. thanks!
Martin Lewis : Hey Zazou. Thanks for the video. How do you get a completely 'wet' effect from a channel into the mix. Whats the process from fully dry to fully wet FX signal please? Maybe this is another video?




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