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기업들이 채용공고를 이딴식으로 써놓는 이유. 공채, 면접, 취업, 취직 전 필수 영상

리섭의 직업 :

리섭TV 인스타그램 :

리섭TV 블로그 :

리섭TV 멤버십 가입 :

리섭TV 메일 :

리섭TV 자율구독료 : 신한은행 110-358-755122 심리섭

항상 감사드립니다 :)
리섭TV : 사회초년생 여러분들 모두 좋은 직장 취직해서 돈 많이 많이 버세용??
k james : 케바케죠. 일부만 예로 드신 듯.
s jh : 여기 채널은 간략하고 유익하고 잼있내요 ^^
Lena Lee : 리섭이 리섭되게 만드는게 뭘까요? 참 아는것도 많고
생각도 똑부러지고~~
요즘 젊은이들이 다 그런건 아닐텐데...
인사팀 찐대리 : ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 리얼한 해석이네요
김주석 : 이거보고 즐겁고 마음이 편안해지네요
미다스 : 가족같은기업: 업무시간외에도 부려먹겠다.
근면성실한분구함: 아이디어따윈필요없다. 그냥 시키는대로 열심히해라
밝은성격 구함: 현재 분위기가 ㅈ같으니 인격모독해도 참을분 구함.
xx기술보유자 구함 (연봉3000): 우리회사는 기술이 없으니 너의기술좀 훔칠께 (ㅅㅂ 고급기술자가 미쳤다고 이딴회사에 들어가나? 그냥 창업하지)
E- Class : 열심히가 아니라 잘해야되고 열심히라는 말이 가치 있을땐 성과 결과가 받쳐줘야 열심히라는 말이 가치 있지.
ᅵ구독누르면로또1등당첨됨 : 학생인데 직원마다 월급 다른지 처음앎.
난 그냥 예를들어 대리면 250만원
과장이면 300만원
부장이면 한 500만원? 정도
직급에 따라 돈을 주는줄 알았음 ㅎㄷㄷ
부장이 5명있으면 5명 다 똑같은 돈을 주는줄
커플캔디 studio_모델들의 일상 : 뼈때리기 ㅎㅎ

What is Groupon? How Does It Work? Explained in 2 minutes

This is a 2 minutes explainer video on what is Groupon and what is it all about? So, Groupon is a middleman service that basically promotes businesses. It helps attract customers for businesses by offering deals for different goods and services at low costs.

Launched in 2008, Groupon now operates in major cities in the USA and Canada and across over 25 different countries on the globe. Groupon connects subscribers with local merchants by offering different deals each day for local goods, services such as restaurants, retail stores, spas, salon, theatres and many more, and events in a city where it operates for an incredibly low price. Discounts range from 50 percent to 90 percent off. This is such a great idea, as we all love discounts especially during hard times when money is tight. However, such deals only remain valid for 24 to 72 hours after they have been announced, after which the discount will no longer be available for purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Groupon today and grab your deal!

For more information about the Groupon and latest deals, visit this website:
Celeste Washington : PS: I’m also noticing all these “GUESSING” comments on how everyone THINKS it works which does not help at all!! Step by step - how does Groupon work??! Thank you
Celeste Washington : I’ve watched the entire video and saw everything GROUPON has to offer; I STILL do not know how it works!! The caption says “what is Groupon and how does it work?” Well all u did was show me what I’m eligible for- How does it work! Please!
Ebic Zebulanious : Warning do not get involved they will SPAM you to death.
Uju Azuya : Can I find a tailor on groupon
Harden Thicke : Muted because this music sucks.
Vyan : Groupon is trash stop with this fucking shit ugly kids add
Chanda Stouch : As far as I understand you still pay full price in two separate payments.
I felt pretty stupid when I paid Groupon twenty for sushi for two. Then went to the restaurant and she was like, “yeah, order what you want and you pay whatever twenty dollars off your bill is.”
So how is that saving? It’s not.
Edycabas ?invite code : Can i use Groupon on supermarket like Aldi?
Rodney Atkinson : How does it work do you just buy the coupon on the app and show the merchant or do you have to pay something else on top of the coupon
MikeyGQOTA : So Groupon is basically an advertising lobby of business infrastructure?




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